With gas prices over four dollars a gallon, its getting more expensive to fill the tank.

I remember when I first bought my little Honda Civic in 2004, it was about twenty bucks to fill it up.  The other day I stopped at the gas station and it was close to fifty dollars!  I can't imagine what it costs someone who owns a van or SUV.  That's got to be well over a hundred bucks. 

How much does it cost you to fill up your tank?  Has the increased prices at the pump made you trade in your vehicle or take alternative ways of transportation?  Matt Herkimer trades in his car on nice mornings for his bicycle.  That's a great way to save costs.

With the high gas prices, families are cutting back in other ways too.  For us, we are going out to dinner less and watching what we buy at the grocery store more closely.

The good news is, prices at the pumps are going down for the first time in 7 weeks.