Halloween--one of my favorite holidays. No presents to buy and it's fun had by all. A time to dress up for a day and become someone else. But, with the Halloween season comes the bill for costumes and decorations--well, unless you make homemade costumes and decoration, but even so, you still have to buy the supplies, right? How much are planning on spending this year on Halloween festivities? According to a survey by Savers, Inc., "a family of four expects to spend $300 to costume, decorate and otherwise celebrate the holiday."

If you are planning to dress up this year, 90 percent of us are planning to "create a brand new look" this Halloween. I wonder what can be created that hasn't already been done?

Now, what's a Halloween without scary Halloween decorations? Well, according to the Savers, Inc. survey, 81 percent of the people polled are going to be buying new decorations this year for their homes.

Do you like Halloween? How much do you spend on Halloween festivities? What are you planning to dress up as this year?