I know with a headline like that you ladies probably expect to see a list as long--if not longer--than your arm. Truth be told, men ARE from Mars and women ARE from Venus and this fact no doubt accounts for many of the differences between the genders. Here is a "short list" of the behaviors men find normal yet drive women bonkers.

Men have an almost effortless ability to irritate the ones they love by constantly doing the smallest things on a regular basis.

Here are some things guys do to annoy their women ...

* Leaving empty containers around the house.

* Splashing the mirror with toothpaste gunk while brushing their teeth.

* Leaving hair in the sink after shaving.

* Using 10 drinking glasses a day instead of one.

* Tinkling on the toilet seat.

* Leaving dirty laundry on the floor all over the house.

* Not doing any housework.

* Burping often -- and without remorse.

* Begging for attention when sick.

* Channel surfing rapidly.

Source: Supanet.com

Any additions to the list would be welcome!