Masahiro Tanaka just signed a contract to play for The New York Yankees that pays him a salary of $155 Million for 7 years. Tananka is from Japan and is already projected to be one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. With that big of a salary, what does one do with it? That got me thinking, what could I buy in Utica for $155 Million?

Below is a list of how many Central New York products I could buy with Tanaka's salary.

For $155 million dollars you could buy:

  • 173,184 orders of Georgio's Greens.
  • 62,000,000 $2.50 Drafts of Utica Club.
  • 221,428 Dozen Hemstrought's Half Moons from Wal Mart.
  • 20,000,000 BG Dozen Bagels (14) from The Bagel Grove.
  • 193,750 Boxes of Tomato Pie from Roma's.
  • Register 5,166,666 People for the Boilermaker.
  • 110,714 full orders (20) of chicken wings at Cavallo's.
  • 103,333 orders of Chicken Riggies from Carmella's Cafe.
*All Totals are approximations, but those numbers are the very least.

After his seven years are up Masahiro Tanaka, if he were to move to Utica, will live a very happy, delicious, awesome life. Central New York Pride!!!