As a general rule, I'm pretty easy going.  However, wrongs that occur repeatedly have a tendency to send me through the roof.  At so it is with getting my order wrong at the drive-thru of fast food restaurants.  And it seems to happen way too frequently.  Do you drive back through?  Go inside and raise some noise?  Or yell at the top of your lungs alone in your car?

I do not like tomato's on my sandwich, and there's one CNY franchise that seems to get the "no tomato" part of the order wrong more often than not.  I always hear from fellow associates, just take it off.  NO, I can tell when there has been one on a sandwich, the seeds and the taste of the juices remain.

I usually just drive away muttering to myself, but it will stick with me the rest of the afternoon.  Should I go back?  Would you?  Vote in our poll below, How do you handle the drive-thru mistakes?