The "Frog Days Of Summer" are heating up again, and with it comes those comments we tend to hear from friends, co-workers and strangers while we're waiting in line at a convenience store. As temps may hit 90 today, make sure you stay hydrated, don't over exert, and be sure that your pets are in a cool place with plenty of water.

Here are some of those "heat wave" phrases we hear and have come to know and love (sort of):

1. "Is it hot enough for you?"

Your possible answer: "No, I was hoping it would go up to 130"!

2. Which way to the beach?

Your possible answer: "You mean Some Beach"?

3. "You could fry an egg on the sidewalk out there".

Your possible answer, "Make mine sunny-side up".

4. "It's not the heat, it's the humiliation"!

Your possible answer: "Hey, you got that line from a Big Frog 104 promo".

5. "It's like a steam bath out there".

Your possible answer: "Good, let me steam up a dozen clams in the parking lot".

Hopefully, these quick answers may take the sting out of those "heated" questions. Stay cool.