So hitting that snooze button to gain an extra few minutes of sleep isn't good for you, your bedmate or your dog.  Studies have shown the adverse effects on your body, along with that elbow in the ribs from your significant other. 

According to Dr. Yizhak Kupfer, Assistant Director of Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center

People who are reliant on their snooze button can diminish the positive effect of a good night’s rest because they are constantly drifting back to sleep only to be abruptly woken up a few minutes later. This causes a shortened, disrupted sleep cycle right before a person starts their day.


Not only is it unhealthy for you, but it really annoys your pet.  Check out this video of a dog taking care of that annoying alarm clock.  Do you hit the snooze or leap right out of bed?