Now we don't normally put up stories on our website on missing cameras or flashdrives, but after you read this email you will understand why we did this:

Jeff writes us:

On April 5th I went to visit my mother at St. Lukes hospital who is going through stage 4 kidney failure. I brought our digital camera with pictures of her grand daughter trying on wedding dresses and her engagement ring. At some point before I could show her the pictures, (It was between 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.) the camera fell out of my jacket. She never got to see the pictures. I don't care about the camera, though it took a while to save for; I just want the flashcard in the camera. Keep the camera, I'll save up for another one, I just want the flashcard.

You can send it to me no questions asked, it's only a stamp. You can keep the $200 camera."

Can you only imagine what Jeff is going through? His mother is very sick, and all he wanted to do was show her pictures of his daughter trying on her wedding dress and show off her engagement ring. Please help him find this camera and card.

Please, if you have any information at all, please email Jeff.