September 8th is the first Sunday night football game of the season and Carrie Underwood has been waiting all day for Sunday night.  She'll sing the new theme song after Faith Hill decided not to return for another year.  Will Carrie's version live up to Hill's?  Take a listen and decide for yourself. Is it a touchdown or a fumble?

I love the new version.  Every time I hear the intro, it definitely gets me ready for some football.

Carrie Underwood Sings Guns N Roses' 'Paradise City' at CMA Fest Before Getting Pulled Over For Speeding [VIDEO]

Simon Cowell said Carrie Underwood could sing anything when she was on American Idol and she's proving him right. Sunday, Carrie covered Guns N Roses' 'Paradise City' at CMA fest and KILLED it! Carrie had quite a week last week.