I'm a Leo, which means I can fall asleep with my eyes open.  It also means I'll nod off in the waiting room at my son's braces appointment.  When and where was the last place you fell asleep in  public?  Share yours and I'll share mine.


My most recent was the Frog business office a couple of days ago.  I went up to ask a question and people were talking about black eyed peas and southern food and I politely sat down and waited my turn.  I could feel the darkness falling over me, even felt the little bubble your lips do right before the low rumble starts.  Next thing you know your moth is open, you swallow your tongue and SNORT!!  It's like passing gas, you look around like what was that?  It's hard to be convincing though when you wipe the drool from your cheek.  Have you ever done it?