It was on this day in 1955, January 19th, that the board game "Scrabble" was introduced. The game has not only helped increase the vocabulary of generations of players but assisted with proper spelling as anyone who has ever lost a challenge due to a misspelled word can attest. My wife and I play nearly every day and have found delight in forming such rarely--if ever--used words as "qi", "zax" and "ki". The record for the most points possible for a single word?

The highest scoring English word in the game of Scrabble is "Quartzy," at least 82 (double letter on the 'r' and connected to a 3-point word on the u,a or t) and upwards of 165 points for playing across one of the four spots for a 7-letter word to collect 2 double word scores

via Highest scoring Scrabble word - by George Eddings - Helium.

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