Many of us have experienced the results of having one too many during the holiday parties.  While Blake Shelton sang his cure was "feel good pills and a red Gatorade" we decided to consult the science guys for their suggestions.  Click to see their remedies.

Not that we don't believe in Blake's cure, but we decided to consult with Asap Science, a You Tube science group and WebMD.  They both offer some common tips in preventing the hangover before you start the alcohol consumption:

  • Drink Plenty of water before and during your night out
  • Be sure and eat a healthy meal before the party starts

Of course we've all heard the "hair of the dog" theory.  WebMD says while it may help, you're just prolonging the inevitable.

"Biologically, it actually will make you feel better for a short period," says Schaefer. "Of course I wouldn't recommend it, because you'll have to come down from your high eventually. Besides that, it's a habit that can very easily lead to a drinking problem."


Watch the video below for more suggestions and explanations.

Chocolate milk seems to help some people as well.  Do you have any tips?  Shre them at the bottom.

SOURCE: Asap Science and WebMD