Gwen Sebastian may not be a household name, but if things go her way, that could change.  She's a member of Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice' and she ready to tell the world.  'I'm excited I finally get to talk about what happened in October.'

Gwen sang Sugarland's 'Stay' and had 3 of the 4 judges on the show, turn their red chairs around, which means they all wanted her on their team. The power then moved to Gwen who had to choose her coach from Blake, Cee Lo Green and last year's winner, Adam Levine.  The country girl didn't think twice about picking Blake. 'I knew right away, if I had the choice I would pick Blake.  I watched 'The Voice' last year and saw how he interacted with his team and I knew that's what I wanted.'

So how does it feel to have three of the top names in the music industry fighting over you? 'I couldn't believe it. I still to this day am surreal about it. I have to rewind and watch it every now and then to look at those people that turned around because they some of the people I look up to.  They gave me some sort of validation and having them turn around was an incredible experience.'

The blind auditions continue Monday nights on NBC, followed by the battle rounds, where each contestant must sing against someone on their own team.  One stays, one goes.  The the live rounds begin in April when the viewers decided who stays and who goes.  Until then Gwen is staying busy. 'In the meantime I'm recording songs and hopefully having some new music ready.'

You can follow Gwen online.  She has several pages and fans are finding them in huge numbers.  'They are and I love it.  Right after the episode aired I think I had 5000 more followers on Twitter. It was very surreal.'

Learn more about Gwen and follow her progress on Twitter, Facebook, her personal page or at NBC.  Tune in Monday nights to NBC at 8 for more blind auditions.

Gwen Sebastian 'Stay'

Gwen Sebastian after the audition