We've seen all those romantic and unique proposals caught on tape.  The Olympic torch runner, the falling proposal, the Disney flash mob, the graduation proposal, on Dierks Bentley's bus, the biker proposal, or the plummeting plane proposal.   A guy in Poland went with the movie trailer proposal.  He had his girlfriend go to the theater with her friends, and arranged for one of the previews to be a fake trailer that HE made.

He used clips from 'The Borne Ultimatum' and the Liam Neeson movie 'The Grey.' At the end, it showed him walking through the front door of the building, and then into the theater she was sitting in.

He also set up a camera inside. So the video he posted online has picture-in-picture, and you get to see her reactions to everything.

Watch the video where she realizes something's up when she sees a picture of herself at :26. He arrives to propose at 2:41. Nothing after that is in English, but he gets down on one knee at 3:21.  A proposal in any language is romantic!