We'll be celebrating Independence Day on Monday, and that means for many, time to break out the grilling supplies. According to the Weber Grills GrillWatch Survey, July 4th is the "favorite" grilling holiday.

If Independence Day is the top holiday for grillers, what are the other holidays when grills are sizzling? According to the survey, coming in second place for the most popular time to grill are birthdays, with 67 percent of respondents grilling on that special occasion. And, another popular holiday to grill, with 66 percent, is Labor Day.

So, we know many people will be grilling over the holiday, but what will they be grilling?According to the GrillWatch Survey, the number one food being grilled (according to last year's figures) are burgers. Other popular grilling favorites are steak, chicken, hot dogs and ribs.

Well, my favorite isn't on the list--vegan 'burgers'. They're tasty.

No matter how much of a professional you are on the grill, there are just some things that are difficult to grill. 34 percent of people say that grilling desserts is the "most challenging". I have heard that grilled fruit is very delicious, but I have never tried to do it. But, some people have, and 22 percent of people in the survey said grilling fruit is a difficult thing to do.

For the full GrillWatch Survey, click here.

Will you be grilling on Independence Day? What will you be grilling? Any vegan 'burgers' being grilled out there, other than at my house?