Gretchen Wilson has joined countless others who have resolved to give up smoking.  The self-proclaimed "Redneck Woman" decided to make the announcement in public in hopes that such an open pronouncement would give her the motivation needed to give up the smokes once and for all.

In front of over 1000 New Year's Eve revelers in Rosenberg, Texas, Gretchen Wilson smoked her last cigarette. She confessed the desire - and challenge - to quit smoking, and lit her last one on stage. Following the concert, she threw away her remaining cigarettes, lighters, ash trays and any other reminders of her long-time habit.

"I figured if I said it from stage in front of my fans, I'd stick to it. And so far I have," said Gretchen.

The downside for Gretchen may be a reluctance to stand on a scale.

"I'm a dough-girl. I like anything bread -- donuts, cakes, pastries. And then I eat at night. I take all my food to bed with me. " That doesn't bode well for a woman who has just given up smoking as it is a well known fact that the loss of that nicotine fix tends to increase the appetite.