Sunday is April Fools' Day, which gives you only two days to plan the greatest April Fools' Day prank ever.  But achieving it won't be easy, as there have been some real classics through the years.

What makes a great April Fool's Day prank is not just the creativity of the prank, but the ability to trick as many people as possible.  Here are some of the greatest April Fools' hoaxes ever.

April 1, 1957 - Spaghetti trees
A TV show called Panorama broadcast a 3 minute segment showing a Swiss family pulling spaghetti out of trees.  Hundreds of viewers called the station wanting to know how to grow a spaghetti tree.


April 1, 1985 - 168 MPH pitcher
Sp0rts Illustrated published an article about a rookie pitcher who could throw 168 miles-per-hour.  The magazine received 2,000 letters about the unknown phenom.

April 1, 1962 - Instant Color TV
A Swedish guy revealed a method to watch TV in color by cutting a nylon stocking in half and placing it over the television set.  Thousands admitted to trying it.


April 1, 1996 - Liberty Bell Sold
Several newspapers ran an article claiming the Liberty Bell had been sold to Taco Bell and would be renamed the Taco Liberty Bell.  By midday, Taco Bell confessed it was all a joke

Have you ever pulled or had a great April Fools' prank pulled on you?