Here's one you don't see everyday or any day.  Nicolas Colsaerts was playing in the Volvo World Match play against Graeme McDowel, when he hit his tee shot into a hazard. The closest relief was in the toilet, since his ball landed near a bathroom. Colsaerts had to drop his ball in the toilet before taking relief from that spot, since it was unplayable. Everyone involved got a good chuckle out of the whole thing. And believe it or not Colsaerts hit his next shot on the green and made the putt to still par the hole, even with a penalty stroke.  I can't make this stuff up. 

It's almost as crazy as Tiger Wood's shot at the Masters when his ball hit the pin and rolled into the water.  Or Sergio Garcia's shot out of a tree at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

But nothing can top Phil Mickelson's 2nd shot on the 13th hole at the Masters in 2010.

Who says golf is boring.  If this is any indication how the rest of the golf season will go, I can't wait to see more.