Who's ready for some football?  Sunday night Carrie Underwood will debut her version of 'Waitin' All Week For Sunday Night.'  Go behind the scenes of the her video shoot to get a preview of what's to come Sunday night.

Carrie took over for Faith Hill, who has been singing the Sunday Night Football theme song for the past several years and she's excited to be the new face of Sunday night.  Are you excited to see Carrie?

The staff is excited to see the bus with Carrie's picture amidst the hottest players in the NFL.


Celebrity NFL Sunday Night Theme Auditions

Carrie Underwood will be singing "Waiting All day For Sunday Night' at the beginning of all of this seasons NFL Sunday night games on NBC. Carrie replaces Faith Hill who had performed the opening song since 2007. There was, however, competition. How much competition, you ask?