Its better to give than receive. But that depends on what you're giving.  MSN has provided a list of gifts not to give this holiday.

An Appliance
This has been a rule in our house since I met my husband.  You DO NOT buy an appliance as a Christmas present.  A vacuum cleaner or washing machine may be needed, but its not something you'll want to put under the tree for your significant other.  The only exception was when I received a 4 slice toaster with a CD in each slot.  The albums and creativity of the gift made up for the fact I got a toaster.

The Gift of Exercise
Unless you want the silent treatment for the rest of Christmas, avoid buying your wife or girlfriend anything that suggests she should exercise.  The only way around this rule is to buy something fun, like a Wii.  If she wants to buy the Wii fit program to go with it later, that's up to her and won't get you in trouble.  I wish my husband read this before buying me that stair master that was used to hang my clothes on.

The Improving Gift
Like the gift of exercise, an 'improving' gift will just get you in trouble. If it can be considered a criticism, don't buy it.

The Generic Gift
If you can give a gift to anyone on your list, it may not be a good idea.  Christmas is about the thought you put in, not what you're buying. So don't find the best deal and buy in bulk.

This falls under the improvement gift giving category, but for men.  Ties and socks are bad enough gifts, but a nose trimmer suggests you don't like looking at those hairs sticking out of his nose.  If he needs one, he can buy it himself.

The Misleading Box
The box better match the gift. If it doesn't, the present better be the best present yet.  There's nothing worse than seeing the biggest box under the tree and once unwrapped, finding a pair of earrings or a screwdriver.

Personal Hygiene
Believe it or not, I once received soap on a rope.  And it was when I was a teenager. Really?! Worst gift ever.  Do not and I repeat do not give anything that suggests you need a shower!

If you're unsure of what the perfect gift is; just ask.  Everyone is more than happy to give you ideas of what they really want for Christmas.  And if all else fails, go with a gift card.  It may not require much thought but the recipient can get whatever they want.  It's like guilt free shopping.  You get to buy what you want without worrying about the cost and that doesn't happen very often.

Source: MSN Money