I don't know what to make of this, but new information indicates that people may act more violent, even werewolf-like during a full moon. We've all seen people seem to be more argumentitive during a full moon, and blamed the moon for that mood swing, now people may be howling mad!

A recent research study published in

the Australia Medical Journal revealed that the full moon did have a effect on a person's behavior.


The belief that the full moon and disturbed behaviour are closely linked is alive and well, despite studies to the contrary. We investigated the possibility that there is an association between only extreme behavioural disturbance and the full moon.

Design, setting and participants:

We undertook an observational study of patients with violent and acute behavioural disturbance who presented to the emergency department of Calvary Mater Newcastle and patients with less severe behaviour for whom hospital security calls were made.


Violent and acute behavioural disturbance manifested more commonly during the full moon."

By the way, according to the calendar, the next full moon is Tuesday, May 17th.