George Strait is a man who loves the great outdoors. With that love, comes a passion for wildlife conservation. Strait is to be honored with the "Park Cities Quail T. Boone Pickens Lifetime Sportsman Award."This award is given to someone who exemplifies a passion for sporting and a respect for wildlife. According to the Park Cities Quail website, George is definitely the right person to win this award. On the website PCQ Chairman Emeritus had this to say about the country music legend,

We look forward to honoring George Strait, a true national treasure. In addition to his unparalleled career in the music industry, George is a respected third generation rancher, conservationist and humanitarian who generously shares his resources and influence to make this world a better place. George is a lifelong hunter, fisherman and world-class roper.  It is clear when you see the remarkable habitat at his ranches, and hear him speak of his love for the land, that he is a sportsman and conservationist with a tremendous knowledge of wildlife.  George shares our passion and commitment to see the region’s wild quail population restored to historic levels and creating recreational opportunities for sportsmen.

The Park Cities Quail is an organization that strives to improve wildlife conservation, specifically with regards to quail populations. The organization announced George as the award recipient at a check presentation party in which $770,000 in grants were distributed. Strait feels honored to receive such an award. He will be presented with the award tonight at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas.