Heeee's back!

After a loooong break, Garth Brooks will start touring again in 2014. He didn't plan to make an announcement quite yet, but it slipped out on GMA this morning.

Garth was in Times Square to talk about his new #1 album 'Blame It All on My Roots,' but when Robin Roberts asked about a possible tour he said, 'I’m worried it’s the wheelchair and walker tour.'  Then without thinking he let the cat out of the bag 'Since it’s you, and since we’ve had a history forever, let’s announce it. We’re going on a world tour 2014.'

No one was more surprised at the announcement than Garth himself who said 'I can’t believe I just did that.'

Planned or not, country music fans around the country could be heard applauding and thanking Garth for an early Christmas gift.

No dates or stops have been announced, but he HAS TO come back to Syracuse. That was my first country concert and the ONLY time I had the opportunity to see Garth perform.  He's the reason I'm a country music fan and I'd love to see him again, even if he shows up in a wheelchair!

We're ready for Garth to return to Syracuse. Are you? Comment below if you think Garth should come back to the Carrier Dome.

Garth Brooks Tour Announcement

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