I never gave Friday, the 13th's much thought before today.  Actually believed more in the "full moon" theory than bad luck on Friday's that fall on the 13th.  After all it is Friday!  But, hand to God, this is the way my Friday the 13th started.

My gas cap on Thursday, the 12th.










My gas cap on Friday, the 13th.










With Matt and Polly Wogg forecasting the winter weather advisory this morning, I decided filling up on the way to the station this morning was a great idea. Prepared and ready, hey I was a boy scout. As it fell to the ground, my first thought was "this is going right under the van where I can't reach it." But no, it landed right by the tire. Only after picking it up and trying to put it on did I realize what had happened. And of course the second piece was right under the van where I couldn't reach it! Did you have any bad luck today?