Looking for some great freebies? Try shopping for these free gems on Utica's Craiglist.

Why pay for Roosters when you can grab these bad boys for free?

We have 4 and maybe even a 5th rooster for free.. we have to many for our small flock. One is a (Large) red sex link, 3 are Catalana/Sex link mix(medium sized roosters) and another we may give away is beautiful red sex Bantam. Id prefer them to all go to 1 person. You can eat them or whatever you want, I just have too many. PLEASE MAPQUEST WHERE SALISBURY BEFORE YOU CALL, THEY MUST BE PICKED UP IN THE EVENING AFTER THEY ROOST TO MAKE CATCHING THEM EASIER AS THEY ARE FREE RANGE (4:30 IS IDEAL). NO I DONT DELIVER - THEY ARE FREE, YES YOU WILL NEED TO BRING SOMETHING TO TRANSPORT THEM IN, I DONT HAVE PICTURES BUT THEY ARE YOUNG HEALTHY BIRDS, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, CALL FOR THE ADDRESS I DONT LIKE TEXTING, they are not aggressive to humans."

I'm glad they are not aggressive to humans... I only like well behaved roosters.


Looking for some new kicks or boots? Why pay when you can get a whole bag of shoes free.

All different kinds i just don't want to but in trash sven someone an use them. they r free u must pick it up."

Why not...


I've been looking all over for some free manure.

Free Manure

Contact Raymond"

Is the manure from Raymond or a group of animals?


Even our pets can enjoy some free perks.

Martha Stewart pets size medium dog Halloween skeleton costume"

Never to early for Halloween right?



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