If you're looking for a unique proposal, this guy may be able to give you a few tips.  Jamin decides to propose to his girlfriend Val with a flash mob in Downtown Disney. He shocks her by joining the dancing crowd and then pulls out a ring. It's so sweet you can't help but smile.  He even managed to pick the perfect song.

Guys, you better make sure your girlfriend doesn't see this because you will have a lot to live up to.

Watch Jamin's Disney Flash Mob Proposal

Have you received an unusual proposal?  I didn't get the down on one knee proposal but it was still unique.  We had a percolator for coffee, which I hated.  So for Christmas I got a new coffee pot.  Even though I've made it clear, household items are not great Christmas or birthday gifts.  But inside was an old cub scout ring with a note saying 'Will you marry me?'  Of course I said yes and we went and got a real engagement ring the next day.