It's the picture seen around the country.  But whose head is Tim McGraw kissing?  Meet the women behind the picture. Shirlene Borsos is battling breast cancer and received a kiss from Tim. Nicole Gailey is the stranger who took the infamous shot.

Shirlene Borsos

Shirlene is amazed at the response the picture is getting. 'I really can't believe any of it. All I did was show up for a concert.'

Shirlene Borsos/Facebook

The Tim McGraw concert in Pennsylvania turned into a moment Shirlene will never forget.  So how does it feel to have Tim kiss your head? 'Amazing, strong empowered.'

The same way most felt when they saw the picture, especially those battling cancer.  'That's the feeling I'm getting.  I think people want to see something good and I think when people look at that picture, that's what they see.'

The moment came after Tim sang 'Live Like You Were Dying.' 'When he started singing the song, I took my hat off.  He blew me a kiss and the next thing I know he's calling me over to the stage. And I love the fact this picture is getting all this attention.  I want to use it as a platform to get the word out about awareness and early detection. It just a horrible disease.'

Battling Breast Cancer

Shirlene was diagnosed with breast cancer last October, during an already difficult time 'I was going through a divorce at the time. I have 16 chemotherapy treatments with 6 left and the prognoses is good.'

Shirlene Borsos/Facebook

But she isn't letting it get her down. I used the line in the song to ask Shirlene, 'how's it hit ya, when ya get that kinda news?' 'For the first week, every morning I woke up thinking it was a bad dream and cry. By the fifth day, I woke up and wasn't crying anymore.  That night I'd had a dream I was walking through the woods in leather, high-heel boots and I have to pee. I see a sign for a restroom, with an arrow pointing up a rock wall.  I try to climb this wall and at the top there was a lady who asked what I was doing. When I said trying to pee and I needed her help, she told me I had to do it myself. I made one more reach and pulled myself up. I look at the dream as symbolic of my vanity with the boots, and my struggle to get through this cancer.  That dream told me I was going to be okay.'

Positive Message

Shirlene continues to battle her disease aggressively and has a message for anyone else with cancer. 'Stay strong and keep a positive attitude because your attitude is everything. If you can remove negativity from your life and focus on nothing but positive thoughts, it'll get you through this.'

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Nicole Gailey/Facebook

Nicole Gailey

Nicole Gailey is the woman who captured the moment but she and Shirlene hit it off from the start. 'She was standing beside us and I was captured immediately by her eyes.  It was very hot and she told me she was glad she didn't hair since it was so hot.  She has this great sense of humor that puts you at ease.'

Nicole doesn't feel she deserves any attention.  Shirlene is the real star.  'I just snapped the picture and sent it to her later. But she said 'I just want to ask him, did that feel good on your lips.''

Nicole loves Shirlene's sense of humor, but it's her attitude that really moved her. 'Never once did she say, woe is me. She was only concerned about her daughter getting a night out.  So I asked if she wanted to go to another concert and we're going to see Zac Brown together.'

Nicole Gailey

Not only did this beautiful moment touch everyone who saw it, including myself, it brought together two strangers who will be friends for a long time.  It's also a moment Shirlene won't soon forget.  Hopefully it can carry her through her terrible ordeal and inspire others battling cancer to never give up. She sure inspires me.

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Another stranger even captured the moment on video.  Check it out.