Kenny Chesney says it best, "Live a Little."  Today is the day to do it outdoors.  After a long, cold and snowy winter, we're finally getting a Spring weekend.  Temps will be in the 60's.  Something we haven't felt since last Fall.  As I'm typing this, I'm watching a robin collect what it needs to make a nest in our backyard.  Spring must be here.

Get out with the family to enjoy the weather.  We'll be at Herb Phillipson's in the New Hartford Shopping Center 11-1.  The kids can go fishing with Jeremiah B Frog for the Sportsman show, going on until 5.
If you're a golfer, hit the links.  I've seen the flags in at several courses around the area.  Tadpole and I will be blowing the dust off the clubs.  Maybe we'll even take a few pictures of the first round of the season.  Could be worth a laugh or two.
Take the kids to the park, walk the dog, clean the yard.  Take in the fresh air and enjoy that weird yellow globe in the sky.  We haven't seen it much lately.