Football Sunday could be getting a little more female friendly.  The NFL is planning to hire women referees.

League rep Carl Johnson told ESPNW "We have some in our pipeline and I expect we'll see it soon.  I think it's going to be well-received because we have a huge following among females.  All the players want is someone who is going to call the game properly."

Is this a good idea?  Some will say yes, while others will feel the only place for a female on the football field is with the cheerleaders.  How many times have you heard someone complain about the female sideline reporters. Now there's talk of putting them right in the action to actually call the game.  Can they keep up?  Can they handle the occasional hit if they caught in a play or the complaints and attitudes from angry players?  If women can call a basketball, soccer or tennis game, why not football.  What makes them any less capable than a man?  Women today are doing all sorts of jobs that once were only held by men.  It is 2011 after all.

The first women hired better be on her game though, because I'm sure every call she makes in her first game will be scrutinized.  I just hope its scrutinized fairly.  A right or wrong call is right or wrong regardless of the sex of the person making the call.

Do you think women NFL refs are a good idea?