It's that time of year again during the "Frog Days of Fall"...time change. Late Saturday night (early Sunday morning at 2 a.m.), when you go to bed, set your clocks back an hour as we go off Daylight Savings Time and back on Standard Time.

The net result is that it will get darker earlier in the evening and lighter later through the morning, so I guess it's a trade-off. The kids go to school and wait for the schoolbuses in more daylight, and many of us will face darkness as we come home from work.

At least we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night! My father actually believed that he got an extra hour of sleep every day during Standard Time and lost an hour of sleep each day during Daylight Savings Time. I said, "Dad, it only affects us for that one day when we  set the clocks", but he would answer that his body clock was set to Standard Time, so he always either gained or lost sleep. Whatever.

Remember, set the clocks back one hour (fall back) late Saturday night and you'll be in sync with most of the rest of us.

It's also recommended that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clocks!