Faith Hill will be part of Super Bowl Sunday.  No, she won't be singing before the game like she does Sunday nights.  She'll be in one of the highly anticipated commercials during the big game to promote her new line of flower arrangements.  She's teamed up with Teleflora for "The Collection by Faith Hill."  The first arrangement will be the Valentine's Bouquet.

The 30 second ad will run during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on FOX February 6th.  You'll see Faith in the studio giving Valentine's advice to her sound tech.  I wonder how many millions of dollars this ad cost.  Hopefully it'll stand out among the popular commercials we usually see during the Super Bowl from companies like Budweiser, Pepsi or Coke.  It'll be tough to top that Betty White Snickers ad.

The Valentine's Bouquet is beautiful.  You can check out "The Collection by Faith Hill" to see for yourself.  Or send the information to your sweetheart in case they miss the commercial during the game.  Although it is Faith Hill.  The guys may notice her!