Do you ever look at products that have failed and think "Wow, these gems had a lot of potential. Why don't they still make it?". I often think like this when the term "New Coke" pops in my head. Here's a few other failed products that should have made it huge!

We took some of the best comments on Ask Reddit to produce this gem, here's our favorites:


If you asked someone to buy a movie in HD, they would most likely grab a Bluray right? Well back in the mid 2000's we might have been saying HD DVD. I'm pretty sure it would have been cheaper than Bluray too.


Let's take a trip back to 1994 where Sega was way ahead of it's time by offering online game services. If you had the Sega Channel from Time Warner (Which I did), new video games were sent right to your own home via cable. I remember on Friday's we would get home from school and new video games would be waiting on the Sega Channel for the weekend.


Someone one had a great idea to create phones that only did video calls. This was Skype before Skype. The sad part, you can still spend over $200 on these type of phones on Amazon.


My first job at age 15 was working the grills at McDonald's. I remember having to make this sandwich and think it had to be the grossest thing on the planet. Don't get me wrong, I love the quarter pounder meat from McDonald's. I would order this with just cheese and ketchup and somehow it magically rang up cheaper than ordering a regular quarter pounder.


Surge was one of my favorite sodas growing up. We were lucky when Coke released an almost identical drink in Vault. However, even Coke has moved Vault away from the public. Surge was ahead of it's time by being a "energy drink".


WebTv was another product way ahead of it's time... internet on your TV. Now a days our bluray players can connect us to Facebook and Netflix. WebTv paved the road for that, but didn't produce the consumers.


Think about it... The Electric Cigarette is the thing today. Back in 1988, people hated the idea. It's funny how time changes people's feelings.