Facebook is always changing it seems, and more changes hit yesterday with much dislike. Usually people freak out in the beginning and threaten to boycott, but then they get used to it and forget about it until the next change occurs. Google Plus or Myspace anyone?

The latest Facebook format changes upsetting people are, and here’s what happened:

1) Facebook deciding the "Top Stories" in your News Feed

Facebook is now deciding what news stories to show you, this is the one getting the most complaints.

2) Larger images

This is the one people are most pleased with, pictures show up a lot bigger in your news feed. Who can complain with that?

3) The new "ticker" sidebar

Just in case you didn’t get enough Facebook, while logged into Facebook, Facebook added more Facebook to your Facebook.

4) The new categories for "close" friends, family, co-workers and others.

Can’t really complain to much on this one, but I’ve heard complaints that it’s been really screwy.

What do you think of the changes? Do you think people will really boycott or will they get used to the changes?