Back in "my day" you got up early on Saturday mornings for your only chance to catch cartoons.  Back in Robert McKimson Sr.'s day, you went to the theater for your only chance to see cartoons.  Robert was the man who created Foghorn Leghorn, The Tazmanian Devil and many other Looney Tune Cartoon Characters.  He also drew the Bugs Bunny we know today.

Robert McKimson Sr. passed away in 1977 of a sudden heart attack.  And while he would never blow his own horn about his accomplishments, his son, Robert Jr. thought it was a story that needed told.  Jr. has written a book called, "I Say, I Say...Son!" a quote straight from Foghorn Leghorn himself.    Two of Sr.'s brothers, Charles and Tom were also animators working in the heyday of cartoons.

In our exlucisve interview with Robert Jr., he says in addition to developing several Loony Tune characters, his dad also drew the version of Bugs Bunny we know today.

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So where does a guy come up with characters that include a smart alecky rooster, a marsupial from Australia and a mexican Mouse?  McKimson Jr. says his dad got Foghorn from an old radio show character, Taz came from working crossword puzzles and Speedy Gonzales from playing polo.

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Robert Jr. wrote the book as a tribute to his father and uncles as well as the art and talent that went into creating the early cartoons.  It would take over 5,000 hand drawings and 10,000 cells to just create a 7 minute short.  The book chronicles Warner Brother's cartoons that included Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.  "I Say, I Say...Son!" is available in book stores now or at  It makes a great gift, I know because I got one.