Nashville will be back for a second season on ABC.  But will all the main characters return?  We won't know until the season finale May 22nd, but we do know Brad Paisley will make an appearance.  We talked with Kimberly Williams Paisley, Brad's wife, who stars in the show to see if we could get some answers.


Playing Peggy Kenter

Kimberly Williams Paisley plays Peggy Kenter on the ABC show; a conniving, vindictive, home wrecker.  A 180 from her life with husband Brad Paisley but a role she tells us she enjoys playing.'It's fun to branch out a little bit. But I get so many people now coming up to me on the street saying, 'I'm mad at you.' I've never had that reaction before.  It's fun to have a nice boring life at home and then go to work and stir things up a bit.'

Being Married to Brad Paisley

Boring?  Bring married to Brad Paisley.  'It's not boring at all.  We do have lots of adventures.  But we do the normal things like the dishes, the laundry, driving the kids to school. We have a very normal life in a lot of ways. But Brad definitely keeps things interesting.'  Then add Brad's touring and Kimberly's acting.  How do they do it all?  'It gets busy but I have fantastic in-laws  It's a balancing act but we make it work.'

Brad Paisley Appears on Season Finale

Brad is making an appearance on the season final, a decision Kimberly didn't have much to do with. 'I didn't have to convince him a all.  I didn't think he'd ever be on the show because he always said 'it's your thing.'  They offered him this song with Rayna Jaymes, played by Connie Britton, and he jumped at it. He was really excited. They actually pulled out the set of the CMA's for the show.'


Season Finale Deaths

Rumors are, two main characters will die at the end of this season, but Kimberly isn't talking.  'I can neither confirm nor deny.  There are a lot of cliffhangers coming and not what you'd expect. And if Peggy may be one of them, there's always haunting possibilities.' Does that mean Kimberly's character is one facing her demise? 'I really hope I'm coming back. You can't get rid of Peggy that easy.'

Is Nashville Nashville

How close does the show represent Nashville and the music lifestyle? 'There are a lot of aspects, to the music industry especially, that are true.  Then, of course they are embellishing a lot for dramatic effects.  But they've gone to great lengths to try and make it authentic.  Even the singing.  All the characters in the show are actually singing their own stuff.'


So who are the two main character based on in Nashville?  'I don't think they're based on one person. I think it's a bunch of different characters inspired by true people.'  The rumor is Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere, is based on Taylor Swift, but Kimberly again, Kimberly isn't spilling the beans.  'I know nothing.  Use your own judgement. What do you think?'

Nashville's season finale will air on ABC May 22nd at 10pm.  Watch a preview of the last two episodes below, where you'll hear a gun, followed by a woman's scream.  Sounds like Rayna's voice to me, which may mean Deacon's character will die.  Can't wait to find out.

Hear Kimberly Williams Paisley Talk Nashville & Brad Paisley