It was the elimination heard around the world when Sisaundra was shockingly sent home on 'The Voice.' But the powerhouse vocalist from Blake Shelton's team has no regrets.

'I think it was felt that way around the world.  Unfortunately it ended sooner than any of us thought but the show has given me a name and a face that you can't move around without someone saying 'are you the girl from 'The Voice.'' I have no regrets. When you come from where I come from, working as a migrant worker, I can't help but be grateful,' says Sisaundra.

So why did Sisaundra go home so early? She thinks everyone assumed she'd win, so they didn't vote. 'We all realized social media plays an important role in today's communication. It was a wonderful lesson to learn. A big eye opener.'

Tyler Golden/NBC


What does the future hold for Sisaundra? She's willing to share the stage with Shelton. We could even call it the #BSTour; Blake and Sisaundra. 'Can we do that? I think we need to tweet Blake Shelton non-stop,' urges Sisaundra.

If Jake Worthington wins, Blake could take him on the road too and call it the BJS Tour; Blake, Jake and Sisaundra.

You can follow @Sisaundra, @BlakeShelton and Jake at @JDW_Music on Twitter.

Sisaundra will return to 'The Voice' stage for the finale tomorrow night along with Tim McGraw and a number of other stars.