Briana Cuoco is well on her way to stepping out of the shadow of her sister Kaley, who plays Penny on 'The Big Bang Theory.' Briana has gone from being her sister's personal assistant to center stage of 'The Voice.' Briana's also gone from one team to another after being stolen from Team Xtina in the battle rounds by Blake Shelton.

We spoke with Briana, who's like a cat with nine lives 'I know. I keep getting saved. It's crazy.'

Briana says she's stoked to still be competing on 'The Voice,' no matter who's team she's on. 'I would have lucked out to be with any of them. I'm just happy to be there.'


Sister Kaley

It's hard to tell who's more excited Briana made it onto 'The Voice,' Briana or her sister Kaley, who's wanted her to audition since the first season. 'The whole thing is super cool. The fact that we both get to do what we love to do. She's so successful and I hope to be there one day. She's been a great inspiration for me and I look up to her so much, how she handles herself in the business. I hope I can be that way one day.'


Stiff Competition

Maybe Briana should have auditioned in the first season when the competition wasn't as stiff. 'Isn't that amazing. Everyone is so good. It just forces you to step up your game. That's how you get better, when you're around people that are better than you.'

Team Blake

Even though Briana choose to be Christina's team after her audition, she's happy to be on Team Blake now. 'It's amazing. Obviously he has somewhat of a winning formula. He's doing something right. Plus he's hilarious very warm and I'm just super lucky..'

How does anyone get any real work done with Blake Shelton in the room? 'Oh my God, it makes rehearsal fun and light. He literally makes you feel like we've been friends for years.  He really is like what you see is what you get. On TV that is who he is. Just genuine, cool, funny and I'm super lucky to be with him.'

Win, lose or draw, Briana will have a proud sister, who may need a new personal assistant soon. Maybe I should have given her my number :)

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The knock-out rounds begin next Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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