Eric Paslay is excited to take the Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo stage. He joins Montgomery Gentry at the Utica Rome Speedway July 23rd.

Paslay is just as excited to see his hit 'She Don't Love You' nominated for ACM Song of the Year. "I keep joking I'll probably get a Girl Crush in a Burning House with Nobody to Blame while they Raise Em Up cuz She Don't Love You."

My favorite place to play is anywhere they are singing along.

She Don't Love You was written in 45 minutes and was done with George Strait in mind. "You always think that'd be cool to get a George Strait cut. I've never had one and I'm from Texas. It's kind of one of those things you always chase," says Paslay

FrogFest may be on a Saturday Night but Paslay says he's ready to turn it into 'Friday Night,' a song Lady Antebellum first recorded. "It was on their Own the Night album and Charles was always saying 'it's going to be the next single,' but it never was. The story is, it was because I was suppose to put it out and it went to #1."

Songwriting is something Paslay has done since he was 15 but he knows getting a hit song is all about timing. "Sometimes you just have to be the certain age at the right night with the right beer and the right friend to have that conversation and I think that's what songs are."

'High Class' is Paslay's latest single. He just finished shooting the video and says it'll show a different side to him. "I took the guitar off and shook it on stage. Look out Luke Bryan."

Paslay also showed off his feminine side on stage during Brad Paisley's tour. "I dressed up as Cam the other night. It was Cam's joke," he explains. "She sang behind the bar while I lip synced. I don't know if Brad liked it. The crowd thought it was funny." But will Paslay think it's funny when Brad gets his revenge? "I see crickets and all kinds of things on our bus. Dead fish. It'll probably still smell when we get to you all."

When he's not writing, touring or singing, Paslay is a craftsman. He was actually in the Home Depot parking lot while talking with us, picking up items for his end of tour gift tradition for Brad Paisley, but he wouldn't spoil the surprise. "I'll just tell you he likes 1959 Corvettes. This is the hardest thing I've made in awhile and I'm not really sure how to make it. That's why I'm going to wander around Home Depot because it gives you everything in life you need to know."

After touring all over the country Paslay says his favorite place to play is "anywhere they are singing along is awesome." Get your voice ready to sing along July 23rd at the Utica Rome Speedway.

Eric Paslay Dresses As Cam

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