Cledus T Judd has done something he hasn't done in almost a decade.  He's released a new CD called Parodyziac. 'I think from start to finish it's probably the best record I've done in a long time.  It's the only record I've done in a long time.'


Cledus parodies a number of current hits from Eric Church and Little Big Town to Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts.  He says he'd just heard 'Creepin'' off Church's Chief album when his record label called and said 'you need to start learning how to tweet and I said who me, tweetin'? And then I thought, that's a parody. I think its one of the funnier cuts on the record.'



Cledus pulled in some family help for his latest 'The House That Broke Me' video, using his daughter.  'She did a great job.  I was real happy she got to participate.'


Cledus T Judd

Cledus Marries Octomom

Cledus just finished filming the video for his next song 'Honeymoon,' a parody of Little Big Town's Pontoon, that stars the Octomom as his wife. 'Somebody asked me if there was anything romantic going on and I said I can't afford child support for one, much less 14.  But she was awesome. Couldn't ask for a nicer person.  She really added a lot to the video.  It turned out really good.'

Life's Ups & Downs

Cledus' life hasn't always been rainbows and roses.  Its been more like a roller coaster; full of ups and downs.  'It ain't always been great but its definitely been adventuresome.  But that's the way life is.  I'm just really grateful I was able to get another chance at another record deal. Had I quit a long time ago, I never would have known what's its like to get to do all I've gotten to do'  And Cledus can thank his daughter for his second chance. 'When I told her about retiring she said she'd be really sad. I just took that as the lord working through a little angel, so went back after it again and dab blamit if I didn't get it again.'

Cledus T Judd

104 Amanda Street

Cledus isn't all about laughter and parodies.  He shows his softer side in a song he dedicated to his daughter called '104 Amanda Street.'  'I drove up from Florida to see her and when I got to her house she had written all over the sidewalk in chalk 'Welcome Home Dad, I Love You, I Miss You' in all these different colors.  It inspired me to write the song. For me, all the other things are funny but that's my favorite on the record. It's a pretty touching song that any dad could relate to.'

If any of the songs have half the success of 'Double D Cup,' I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Cledus T Judd, and sooner than a decade from now.


Get Parodyziac at Cledus' website, and connect with Cledus on Facebook and Twitter.