The sound of the 1980s evolved a bit with the emergence of New Wave and Techno music, but the disco feel of the 70s tagged along for sure. 'Off the Wall', Michael Jackson's fifth studio album was released August 10, 1979 and kept the Disco ride going, but may have signaled it's end.

The 80s provided us with more of an urban feel with the likes of The Gap Band, Digital Underground, Rick James and Tone Loc, just to name a few. From personal experience, I can safely say that this is a good selection of the greatest dance floor hits of the 80s, at least for us Western and Central New York 80s night-clubbers.

These are the Top 20 hits I spun through-out the 80s when I was in the booth playin' floor scrubbin', elbow rubbin', night clubbin' music. I called myself the Clark Gable of the turntable...the Al Capone of the microphone, the Wolf Blitzer of the music mixer, okay, I'll knock it off.

The Ultimate 80s Disco Dance Playlist