October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it's also the month Paul Landowski of Bath NY lost his wife. In addition to our 'Big Frog Bras' Across the building to raise awareness this month, we've also been encouraging people to share their breast cancer stories.  Paul wrote the following email of his loving wife Emily titled I Still Miss Her ...

'October 29th will be the 25th anniversary of losing my sweetheart. During our honeymoon, I discovered my love had a breast lump. My wife, Lee (Emily), took immediate action, and one breast was removed. She always had a smile on her face, but I could feel her pain as the 'scarred woman.' About four years later, she had gone to a doctor, and discovered she had an inoperable brain tumor.  That was August 18th, 1987. It was a living nightmare during the weeks after that day, trying to hold on to her, while knowing she was to die. On October 29th 1987, my tall, beautiful, blonde, loving partner died at the age of 44. That was 25 years ago, but the painful memory makes it feel like last year.

Ladies, take it from a man. You need to take time from your busy lives to do the uncomfortable, to do the inconvenient, to get your check-ups done to get ahead of the killer called Breast Cancer.'

Paul Landowski

Remember to do your self breast exams once a month and schedule a mammogram once a year.  Early detection is the key. Just ask breast cancer survivor Deb Baker of Rome.

Share your breast cancer story by emailing me at polly@bigfrog104.com and donate your bra to be strung outside our building to help raise awareness during Breast Cancer month.