The elk seen head butting a photographer has been put down. According to Citizen Times, the animal was getting too acclimated to humans and park officials feared someone would get injured or killed.

Officials tried moving the elk, but it kept coming back to the same spot. They even tried retraining the animal to fear humans by using firecrackers and bag guns. When none of their efforts were successful they decided to euthanized the elk Friday.

The photographer, James York tells the Citizen Times he was upset to hear the animal was put down.

'I was really looking forward to watching him grow up. I felt like I bonded with him. I am crushed that he’s gone. I was looking forward to his rack getting bigger and maturing into a bull.'

York was taking photos in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when the elk approached and began head butting him. The video soon went viral with over 2 million views.

Was killing the animal really necessary?  In the video that went viral, the elk was only protecting his turf and he didn't injure York. What a waste of a beautiful animal.

I'm sure park officials will see a backlash after putting the elk down, especially from PETA.

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