Eddie Montgomery's Kentucky steakhouse has closed without much notice.  They were open for business Saturday May 4th, but closed on Sunday. 

Eddie posted a message on Twitter and Facebook.


According to Examiner.com, Montgomery’s ex-wife, Tracy Nunan and co-owner of the steakhouse, also posted a message on the restaurant’s Facebook page.


The page has since been taken down after several angry replies from employees left without a job.  Most found out they were on the unemployment line by reading the post.  Nice way to learn you need a new job.  The official website is still up, with no mention of the closing.

The restaurant opened in 2009.  Eddie went through a divorce in 2010.  He was actually served the papers while eating in his restaurant with his daughter.


The abrupt closing may have something to do with personal issue between Eddie and his ex but that's only speculation.  I just feel sorry for the employees.