As victims of Sandy continue clean up efforts in New York and New Jersey, another storm is on the way.  Not something anyone in those areas needs right now.

According to the Weather Channel, a nor'easter could bring more high winds, rain,  flooding, even snow.  This won't be as strong as Sandy, but significant impacts are expected, including more coastal flooding.  Here's the storms timeline:

Tuesday night
-20 mph winds will hit the coast including the Jersey Shore, and Long Island by daybreak.

- Peak impact begins for Northeast, including Sandy-impacted areas
- Wind gusts over 60 mph are likely from Cape Cod into Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and eastern Long Island. Occasional gusts over 50 mph are possible in New York City and Boston. Gusts along the Jersey shore should be in the 40-50 mph range. Additional power outages are expected.
- Coastal flooding is expected at high tide, but will be much lower than the magnitude of Sandy's coastal flooding.
-Some areas may pick up 1" of rain or more.

Wednesday night
- Impacts persist in the Northeast, including Sandy-impacted areas
- Rain may change to accumulating snow as far south as New Jersey into New England.

- The storm weakens and slowly moves to the northeast.
- Winds will be offshore in New Jersey by Thursday morning, if not earlier. Occasional gusts over 40 mph are still possible. Lingering coastal flooding is possible
- Lingering areas of rain, with wet mountain snow, from Upstate New York into New England. Any snow will mainly be early in the day.

Get more details and updates from The Weather Channel.  We'll keep you posted as the storm draws near.