Gas prices are coming down, slowly, but the prices of everything else seems to be going up.  Most people continue to pinch pennies but there are still plenty spending money in dumb ways.  TruTV has come up with a list of the dumbest wastes of money.  Here's just a few

  • The Lottery - More than anything, it's a tax on people who are really bad at math.
  • Tanning Booths - Congratulations!  You get to spend money increasing your rish of skin cancer.  It's like you're stupid twice.
  • Cigarettes - A pack of smokes in New York City can run you almost 12 bucks.  That's an expensive way to get lung cancer
  • $5 cups of coffee - If you stay home, you can brew an entire pot of coffee for about 16 cents
  • Designer Clothes for Babies - The reason you don't buy a baby a $75 shirt is the same reason you don't buy one for a college kid.  They don't care either way, and will likely throw up on it.
  • The Gym - Here's a money saving tip: if you want to work out and get healthy, go for a jog.  It's free

What do you think is the dumbest way to waste money?

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