Reports are coming in of a Drone crash in Jonestown, PA, right outside of Lickdale Elementary School. The question the internet has brought up, was it really a drone....OR.....a UFO crash?

The aerial vehicle, controlled by a remote operator, was part of a training exercise at Fort Indiantown Gap, said Maj. Ed Shenk, public affairs officer for the Pennsylvania National Guard.

The craft experienced "a hard landing" and was run over by a civilian vehicle on Fisher Avenue in front of the school and the Comfort Inn, according to the Pennsylvania National Guard. No one was injured. The craft was destroyed."

Apparently the drone went down around 3:15PM on April 3rd. The National Guard confirms the vehicle was known as the RQ-7 Shadow, and not a UFO. It's approximately 11 feet long and has a wing span of 14 feet, and weighs around 375 pounds.

Can you imagine running over one of these? They are practically a small plane. I hope the driver of the vehicle that hit it is ok.

Are drones more danger than they are worth? Comment bellow: