Part of the fun of St. Patrick's Day is the Green Beer right? Well, if you have a little bit too much, you'll end up with one unlucky hangover. 

A lot of people get the worst hangover of their lifetime due to St Patty's Day. According to a new survey by Alka Seltzer, it only takes an average of 3.2 drinks to induce a hangover. That's not a lot of green beer now is it?

Here's a few other facts from the survey about hangovers:

1) 28% of wine drinkers receive a headache from just one glass of red wine.

2) 92% of drinkers will go to work even if they have a hangover

3) 7% of drinkers have called in sick due to a hangover

4) 10% of people are more likely to end up with a hangover during the week than on the weekend

Happy drinking, be safe, and avoid the hangover!