Our showers and gusty winds are ending just in time for a light show in the sky tonight.  The Draconid isn't the biggest meteor shower you'll ever see, but it is a convenient one.  Convenient that it comes just after sunset.  Click for the details.

According to the USA Today the Draconid shower gets it's name from the meteor's appearance to come from the Draco the Dragon constellation in the northern sky.

The meteors are the result of tiny bits of dust and ice debris left behind by the Giacobini-Zinner comet, which circles the sun every 6.6 years. As the Earth passes through this trail of cosmic debris, the particles burn up in our atmosphere, creating the fiery trails we call falling stars.


This particular meteor is well known for it's unpredictability.  Sometimes it's sensational and other times only 4 or 5 "falling stars an hour.  Earthsky.org has some specifics on where to watch.  If you miss tonight there's the possibility of a second, but smaller show tomorrow night.



Brian Livermore of Madison- Thank a Farmer

We've teamed up with Whites Farm Supply, Case IH and James Wesley to ' Thank a Farmer.' One farmer will win a $2500 White's Farm Supply gift certificate and a personal phone call from Wesley to 'Thank a Farmer. Today we recognize Brian Livermore in Madison, nominated by his daughter Brittany.