If you're like me, you'd rather do almost anything than go to the dentist.  I've always had a fear of dentists because of my childhood days. But now I'm seeing Dr Mecca with his sedation dentistry on Genesee Street in New Hartford.  I don't have an upset stomach two days before my appointment or lie awake the night before anymore.  In addition to taking away most of my dentist fears, Dr Mecca helped whiten my smile with teeth bleaching.  Just look at the before and after pictures after just 2 weeks.


Novocaine was an unknown to me until I was in my 20s and went to my own dentist.  Image, as a kid, having a cavity filled without any medication.  That's enough to scare anyone, at any age. Now, I've gone from rough dentist care as a child to the sensitivity and caring at Dr Mecca's sedation dentistry.  The dental assistants know I'm leery in a dentist chair and are always stopping to make sure I'm doing okay.  They have fresh baked cookies in the lobby when you arrive.  They are so good, but I usually save mine until AFTER my teeth cleaning.  There's also fresh coffee and a TV at every dentist chair so you can relax with your favorite show. And Dr Mecca is one of the nicest people I've ever met, which is an added bonus.

Luckily I haven't had anything other than teeth cleanings and whitening, so I haven't needed the sedation yet.  But, it's nice to know it's there when and if I need it.  Now if we could only come up with a drill that doesn't make any noise, I'd be all cured of my fear.  Next time I'll just bring my iPod to drown out the sound.

You can learn more about Dr Mecca and his sedation dentistry at his website.

Bill Cosby summed up going to the dentist the best.  Maybe we should introduce him to Dr Mecca too.