As we rapidly move through the "Frog Days of Fall" toward the holiday season, Christmas shopping is really starting to heat up. And, there's always a temptation to give someone a gift that someone else gave you, and you don't want (don't re-gift fruitcakes, that's too obvious).

There's nothing wrong with giving a brand new gift that you have no use for to another person, but if you know that the person would also have no use for the gift, forgetaboutit! Re-gifting probably occurs most in the workplace, when employees  secretly draw a coworker's name and then give that person a gift.

According to "Cosmopolitan" magazine, there are a few rules to obey if you are planning to re-gift:

1. Never re-gift a present you've already used.

2. If you're re-gifting a food or beverage item, make sure it hasn't passed its expiration date.

3. If you're re-gifting an appliance, make sure that the warranty cards and instructions are still in the box.

4. Don't ask for a bag from the store where the gift came from, as if the person receiving it tries to exchange the gift, he or she may find out that the store hasn't stocked that item in a couple of years!